Answers to Basic Pool Questions

Evaporation/Heat Loss

What is it?

Local climate and weather conditions have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of a pool. Evaporation is more noticeable in drier areas and climates with clear, cold nights often see reduced water temperatures due to exposed water surfaces. These two effects are interrelated as well since when pool water evaporates, heat is also lost from the pool to the air. Other environmental conditions such as humidity or strong winds can also contribute to the problem. The result is increased costs to constantly refill and reheat your pool.

To prevent evaporation and heat loss

  • The solution is to either physically cover your pool when not in use or to apply products that work to reduce the impact on the water surface.
  • Add Smart Shield™​ as needed to create a thin, invisible barrier that will reform after activity

Do you have a problem that you don’t see listed?

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