Professional Quality Pool Care Products

Water Enhancers

Restore sparkle to your pool water

Water enhancers not only get rid of cloudy water and make it brilliantly clear but also help your filter work more efficiently.

Why take the additional step of an enhancer?

Your pool is your investment. Having beautiful, sparkling clean water allows you to enjoy spending time in your pool. Enhancers bring out the beauty in your water and keep your filter working at maximum efficiency so you have more time in the pool instead of outside of it.

Multi-beneficial final step for any pool

Pool Complete® Weekly

  • 3-in-1 high intensity weekly formula completes any pool
  • Creates Ultra Hi-Def water clarity with proprietary formula
  • Prevents scum build-up around the pool waterline
  • Continuously removes phosphate to the filter
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Treat cloudy water & remove contaminants

Pool Complete® 911

  • Instant Water Rescue for cloudy/hazy or murky/swampy water
  • Perfect for spring opening
  • Targeted enzymes and high-powered clarifiers
  • Significant results in 24 hours – also for occasional use
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Power Floc™

  • Clears excessively cloudy water commonly associated with algae blooms
  • Concentrated formula that works quickly
  • Particles settle to bottom of the pool for vacuum removal
  • The more debris in the water the faster it works

Sparkle Up®

  • Works with your filter to remove tiny particles of suspended dirt, plaster, dust and more
  • Restores water sparkle, keeps water clear
  • Aids in removal of copper and iron to prevent metal staining
  • For use with all filter types

Polysheen® Blue

  • Highly concentrated water clarifier, no dilution needed
  • Fast-acting formula that clears cloudy water
  • Recommended for weekly use
  • For all pool and filter types

Improves water feel


  • Enhances water quality and softens water
  • Reduces cloudiness in water
  • Compatible with all BioGuard Pool Care Systems
  • Can be used with BioGuard 3-Step Care System

Maintain water temps and reduce water loss

Smart Shield™

  • Effective reduction of water loss and maintaining water temps
  • Creates an ultra-thin, invisible layer on the water surface
  • Family-friendly alternative to physical pool covers
  • Long-lasting results from small doses

Increase your filter’s efficiency

Skim Mor®

  • Treated with Myclex®​ to attack oils, lotions and cosmetics
  • Stops debris and scum before it reaches your filter
  • Extends the life of the filter
  • Easy to use – just slip onto skimmer

Need help to get your water to sparkle?

Your BioGuard Dealer can guide you through the right steps and products to achieve crystal clear water.

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