Answers to Basic Pool Questions


Here are some pool safety reminders to help prevent accidents.


  • Adult supervision is a key element in getting the maximum, safest enjoyment from your pool. Never let children under the age of 14 swim unsupervised in a pool. Constant, vigilant supervision of infants and children is paramount at all times.
  • One individual must assume primary responsibility for supervising the pool and consistently enforcing pool rules.
  • Set pool rules and stick by them. Don’t allow running around the pool, which can easily cause slips to occur. Insist on safe diving and proper use of diving boards, slides and other water toys.
  • Pool rules should be clearly communicated and understood by all persons – young or old – who use your pool.
  • Never swim alone or allow others to do so.
  • Be sure access to your pool area meets or exceeds local codes to keep children and uninvited guests from using your pool unsupervised.

Swimming ability

  • Always find out whether or not guests can swim. Supervise guests who can’t swim the way you would a child.
  • If you’re uncomfortable with someone’s swimming abilities, make sure they stay in the shallow water area and watch them closely.
  • Pay special attention to educating young children and non-swimmers about important safety precautions.

Medical precautions

  • Strongly consider having at least one family member trained in basic CPR.
  • Keep a wireless telephone near, but not too close, to the pool.
  • Keep these basic safety items by the pool at all times:
    ◦ Shepherd’s crook or long-handled hook
    ◦ Life preserver
    ◦ First aid kit including written instructions on how to administer CPR


  • Plan ahead to prevent accidents and injuries, and make your entertaining truly enjoyable.
  • Keep electrical appliances a significant distance from the pool. Don’t use extension cords. Use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) on any appliance or electrical device that is used poolside.
  • Games that may appear safe sometimes are not. Encourage and supervise the use of good pool games and toys. Prohibit horseplay, especially throwing or pushing someone into the pool.
  • You have the bottom line responsibility in poolside entertaining. Use good judgment to help protect yourself, your family and guests. If in doubt, prohibit use of the pool by persons whose condition you doubt. Remember, you are in charge of your pool.

Links to additional safety information

Click on the web sites below to get safety information from other safety and/or pool and spa organizations.

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