BioGuard® H2Know™ Continuing Dealer Education

BioGuard experts work hard to earn your trust

H2Know is an on-going dealer education program designed to ensure BioGuard Dealers have the highest level of technical expertise and problem-solving savvy necessary to maintain their status as the unrivaled local expert in pool and spa water care. The program consists of in-depth training on areas such as water chemistry, maintenance and prevention methods, troubleshooting issues and customer interaction. Dealers receive certification as they advance in the program, which assures you will receive the highest level of customer service from an H2Know Certified Water Care Expert.

H2Know Experts have the ability to quickly make sense of your unique situation and prescribe the proper course of action. Their valuable insight allows you to use the right products and do the right things to get the right results the first time, avoiding costly or time-consuming efforts based merely on guesswork or inexperience.

Whatever your question or need, trust a BioGuard H2Know Expert to help you with just about anything concerning the water in your home pool or spa.

Your Local BioGuard Dealer Knows Best

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