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With nearly 1,500 BioGuard retailers across the country, consumers trust BioGuard pool and spa care professionals for dependable, accurate and helpful advice. With regular access to education and training, BioGuard dealers continue to be recognized as the industry experts. Want to learn more? Read our dealer testimonials below!

Our products make the difference

Our premium, innovative pool and spa care products are differentiated to set you apart from your competition. And BioGuard’s simple system approach gives you the advantage by providing your customers effective and easy ways to maintain crystal clear, sparkling water.

Our solutions make the difference

BioGuard pioneered the idea of computerized pool water analysis and we have continued to research and refine the process. ALEX® is our exclusive, revolutionary software that analyzes test results, figures proper treatment and yields product suggestions and instructions and is one of the best ways to sell BioGuard products.

Dealer Testimonials

Dan Weisheit, Summer Breeze Pool Supply, Fayetteville GA

Hi, my name is Dan Weisheit and when I got into the pool business, I kind of went off the deep end. It all started about eight years ago. I was working in the computer field and making a decent living but something was missing. Now, I consider myself more of a people person than a gear head, so I decided to get my feet wet in the pool business. I noticed Fayetteville didn't really have any BioGuard® presence. So instead of opening one store, I opened two at the same time. BioGuard got me started, helped with product knowledge, industry education and the store locations. Now that’s what I call customer support.

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When I joined the BioGuard family, I received more than just pool chemicals. I got the kind of educational support that helped grow my business. I send all my employees to Chem College and they come back with not only the basic understanding of pool chemistry but they are exposed to every product and new technology in the field. There’s no other way to keep up with the vast array of the BioGuard product line without attending these educational classes. A more informed employee leads to a more informed pool customer, which leads to greater customer loyalty and long term profit.

BioGuard does more for my business than fill my shelves with product. Thanks to ALEX, I can spend less time working the water testing program and more time on my customer. Now I can talk to my customers while the water is being tested and help diagnose the problem they are experiencing.

BioGuard’s One Source Funds program is an easy way to promote seasonal deals with useful tools like direct mail post cards, customized radio and brochures.

Thanks to BioGuard my future looks bright. I just opened another store and have started our initial entry to spa sales. It’s new territory for me and I’m ready for the next challenge. No one has done more for my business than BioGuard. They continually support my efforts with marketing materials, a competent sales force and customer service that help me keep doing what I love.

Susan and Kenny Payne, Payne Pool and Spa, Culpepper, VA

This is a love story.

And it starts on a horseback riding ranch in a rural area outside of Washington DC in 1973. We were fixed up on a date and have been best friends and partners ever since.

Shortly after we were married, we were building pools. This quickly turned into a thriving pool care business. We started carrying BioGuard in our stores and haven’t looked back. From the very beginning of our relationship, BioGuard has nurtured our business with a comprehensive product line, education support, sales tools, water testing technology such as ALEX and everything else we needed to grow our business. It was true love and we were in deep.

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Throughout our relationship, BioGuard has prepared us to meet many challenges. When we were looking to expand, BioGuard helped us find the perfect store location. When the local Wal-Mart went up in the area, BioGuard showed us how to compete. In a short period of time, we started picking up unsatisfied Wal-Mart customers. They showed us how to train our employees. With a staff of 17 people, 26 during peak season, every employee has some form of training so that every customer who walks through our door will be helped within thirty seconds of entering. Our job: to deliver ice blue crystal clear pool water to our customers and leave them with knowledge to do it themselves.

Every year we learn about education, keep up to date on safety standards, technology and find out about the business before the customers do. Chem College is another way our employees stay informed. Over a two-day conference they learn about the entire line of BioGuard products, upcoming marketing campaigns and promotional events, as well as details about water testing, balance and chemistry. Our staff gains the confidence to turn casual shoppers into loyal BioGuard customers and really help our business grow.

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